What is Twitter

Twitter is real-time social media. It connects people to the latest information from people and businesses you find interesting. Whenever you want to share something with your followers, like a new menu item or a daily special, you can post a message about it – as long as it’s no more than 140 characters. This is called a tweet. Twitter is useful to share news and information with a mass audience.

Who Is Using Twitter?

  • 28.7 million US users Source: eMarketer 2012 
  • 140+ million active users worldwide
  • 23,828,000 US monthly unique visitors
  • 54% of users are female, 46% are male
  • 15.2% are ages 18-24, 24.8% are 25-34, 21.6% are 35-44, 19.3% are 45-54 and 19% are 55+
  • 50% have a household income of $50K+
  • 71% have visited a quick service restaurant in the past week and 61% have visited a full service restaurant in the past month Source: Nielsen @plan 2012

Why Should I Use It?

Quickly connect and share information with your customers and others who are interested in your restaurant.

Twitter can be linked to Facebook, your website, or a blog. This makes it easier to connect your customers to tools you already use.

Twitter Is Best For:

Announcing promotions, new menu items, events and limited time coupons. You can even offer these primarily to Twitter followers.

Deals you offer through Twitter can be retweeted by your followers and can be seen by other Twitter users, thus spreading the word about the deal and your restaurant.

Customer Service: Respond to customers when they have questions or complaints.

Customer Insights: Listen in on what customers are tweeting about your brand. How they talk about your restaurant can give you hints about how to market your brand.

Thought Leadership: Use Twitter to share thoughts from your restaurant. Share links to articles about your restaurant, or other topics your customers are interested in.

How to Create an Account:

Visit www.twitter.com/signup and Twitter will walk you through the process.

Measurements and Analytics:

Twitter lets you see your number of followers, as well as people who mention or retweet you on your Twitter homepage.

Twitter Helpful Hints:

  • Be personal and transparent – In your Twitter biography, list who will be running your Twitter account, such as the owner, the chef, or the PR intern.
  • Be casual – Twitter is a friendly conversation.
  • Make your tweets worth your followers’ time. Use the 80/20 rule – 80% of tweets should be helpful or conversational, and 20% can be promotional.
  • Follow people who are tweeting about you.
  • Administrators can delete tweets at any time.

Twitter Glossary:

Search: Search Twitter for keywords or phrases. Hashtags highlight those keywords, ex. “Really enjoyed the ConAgra Foodservice booth at #NRA.”

Direct Message: Send a private tweet to one of your followers. Click the silhouette button and then select “Direct Message.”

Tweet: A message, under 140 characters, that you post on Twitter and will display on your followers’ homepages.

Retweet (RT): When you see a tweet you like posted by another user, share it with all your followers by clicking the “retweet” button.

Mention: Mention another Twitter user in your tweet by preceding their username in the message with the @ symbol. This will be visible to that user in their @Connect tab on the Twitter homepage. “Glad you loved your entrée @LarryBall.”

Hashtag (#): Used to mark keywords, or topics in a tweet. This helps categorize trends and topics to make them easier to search for and report.

Twitter Stats: See who follows you and who you follow.

Source: Conagra Foodservice

January 2013