What is Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website that lets people connect with friends, family, businesses and organizations by making a profile page. Restaurants can use Facebook to connect with customers who “Like” their business.

Who Is Using Facebook?

  • 845+ million active users worldwide – 141.5 million in the US and growing    Source: eMarketer 2012
  • 117,956,000 US monthly unique visitors – 70% of the US population
  •  54% of users are female, 46% male 11.9% are ages 18-24, 20.5% are 25-34, 21% are 35-44, 20.8% are 45-54 and 25.7% are 55+
  • 60% have a household income of $50K+
  • 68% have visited a quick service restaurant in the past week and 59% have visited a full service restaurant in the past month Source: Nielsen @plan 2012

The average user has 130 Facebook friends, so by gaining one follower, you can potentially reach all their friends too.

Why Should I Use It?

Facebook is a way for you to share information about your restaurant and connect with people who enjoy your business. By using a Facebook Business Page, you can quickly reach your followers and their friends, which is a great way to expand your audience.

Facebook lets you grow relationships with your current customers, which helps bring them back. It also helps you connect with potential new customers – the friends of people who already “Like” you.

Facebook Is Best For:

  • Sharing restaurant news, information and noteworthy PR with people who “Like” your page.
  • Learning about what your followers want through polls and questions you ask.
  • Creating deals or promotions to gain more “Likes” and bring customers to your restaurant.

How to Create an Account:

To create a Facebook Business page you must first have a personal Facebook account, which you can create at www.facebook.com. Then, visit Facebook Pages at www.facebook.com/pages/create.php to create your Facebook Business Page – Facebook will even walk you through the process. A Facebook Business page is different than a personal profile. It’s specifically designed to let businesses communicate with their customers and followers, and also manage online ad campaigns.

Measurements and Analytics:

Facebook Insights is available for all Facebook Pages, and viewable by page administrators. Measurements include:

  • Number of active users and new “Likes”
  • Post views and feedback
  • Monthly visitors and page views
  • Views of tabs, videos and pictures
  • Demographics of visitors
  • Interactions with specific posts

Facebook Helpful Hints:

  • Encourage your followers to comment and engage.
  • Be timely and make posts relevant – it’s not necessary to post every day, but make sure to respond to questions within a day or two.
  • Don’t spam your followers with salesy pitches.
  • All your posts will filter into the newsfeeds of people who “Like” your page – reward them with relevant and fun information and promotions.
  • Keep content fresh – use the available tabs to post pictures, videos, polls and discussions.

Facebook Glossary:

Search: Find friends and businesses quickly and easily.

Milestones: Create milestones in your timeline to commemorate important events, like your restaurant opening, with a picture.

Cover Photo: The large image at the top of your profile page. It can be updated as often as you like.

“Like”: “Like” is a way to give positive feedback or to connect with things you care about on Facebook. Users “Like” a brand or a business to receive updates from those Pages in their newsfeed.

Tabs: Custom sections of your Facebook Page, beyond the timeline. Use them for things like videos, photos, events and polls. In Timeline, tabs are similar to the old tabs, just with more space. Your existing tabs will continue to function, but will require redesign and development to fill the new space.

Status Update: A personal message you post on your wall. Wall: A list of posts, made by yourself and your friends, that shows up on your profile. It also displays your recent page activity, such as “Liking” or commenting. Page administrators can delete posts.

Comment: You can post comments on the status updates and walls of others. Pinning: Pin important status updates to the top of your profi le so everyone will see them.

Newsfeed: Shows ongoing posts and updates from people that “Like” your business and businesses that you “Like”.

Source: Conagra Foodservice

January 2012