These Food Apps are Where Your Restaurant Needs to Show Up in 2017

Tech that brings convenience to guests is disrupting traditional restaurant models. To boost sales and be found where your guests are looking, ensure your restaurant is on these apps.

E-Delivery Services

85% of restaurants don’t deliver.1 Mintel says 52% of consumers enjoy getting takeout or delivery from full service restaurants and that time savings must outweigh potential concerns about cost or quality.

More and more guests are turning to digital delivery services. They allow users to order whenever they’re ready (no waiting on hold), increase order accuracy since there’s no miscommunication over the phone, and the apps highlight new restaurant suggestions. Plus, digital offers, coupon codes and easy-to-use rewards programs bring guests more value for their dollar.

If your operation wasn’t designed for delivery, some of these apps can help you get the service off the ground. And if you do offer delivery, these can help you expand your audience.

Currently Available in Your Area



This service is based on a guest’s location. They enter their address and restaurants using GrubHub appear. Users can also search by cusine, menu item or restaurant name. The platform supports reviews, coupons and other special deals—all free of charge to diners.

Why They’re a Good Partner

In addition to their easy-to-use technology, restaurants that join GrubHub can take advantage of various marketing options within the service. Plus you can use your own drivers or their on-demand delivery personnel.


Available mostly in large metropolitan areas, Seamless is the choice for many guests and restaurants. Users browse menus from local restaurants, pick what they want to order and their choice is delivered.

Why They’re a Good Partner

On top of their consumer-centered app, Seamless also links companies and their employees to local restaurants and caterers. They offer convenient ordering options for groups and individuals and sends just one invoice for all orders placed.

Available in Large Metropolitan Areas For Now

Uber Eats

Feature your restaurant on this app and Uber will get food to your customers within 30 minutes. You and your guest can even track each order from the floor right to the customer’s door. McDonalds partnered with Uber Eats in early 2017 to begin testing delivery at 134 Florida locations.

Why They’re a Good Partner Uber is gaining ubiquity in many cities and consumers’ minds. Leveraging their speed and the power of their brand helps you get in front of more guests.

Amazon Prime Now

When your restaurant and menu are on this app, Amazon will send your customer’s order to you and then pick it up and deliver it within 1 hour from ordering. Customers can also order through Alexa, making it even easier.

Amazon Prime Now currently partners primarily with local independents in the American cities where the service has launched, such as the Harbor Town Pub in San Diego, California.

Why They’re a Good Partner

It’s estimated that half of US households have a Prime membership.2 That’s quite the statistic to consider when thinking about strategic partners. Amazon has a long history of giving the small guys tools to compete with the big guys.

Google Restaurants

The service allows users to order food directly through Google Maps/Business and utilizes food delivery services in the area.

They’ve partnered with Seamless, Grubhub, and ChowNow (among others) to offer delivery through Google search results. Among the chains customers can order through Google include Bareburger (Seamless), Subway (Seamless), Checkers (Seamless), Rosati’s (Grubhub), Hooters (Grubhub) and Popeye’s (Grubhub).

Why They’re a Good Partner

Patrons are constantly scoping out restaurants before they make a decision. Allowing guests to make an order right from Google’s search results is a huge advantage.


Make PostMates a preferred delivery service for your operation and they will courier directly to your customers. Most Focus Brands concepts have partnered with Postmates to offer delivery, including Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon, Carvel, and Moe’s Southwest Grill.

Why They’re a Good Partner

Over 4,000 business already work with PostMates in over 200 cities. They make around 1 million deliver per month from local businesses. According to their statistics, On average, businesses see a 4X increase in orders after partnering with Postmates.3

Content courtesy of Unilever Food Solutions

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