1909™ Premium Butcher Cuts

1909 Premium Butcher Cuts

1909™ honors the over 100 year history of Ginsberg’s Foods and their quality products, and excellent customer service. We offer fresh premium hand-selected, grain-finished beef, veal, pork and lamb that are hand-cut by master butchers to save you time, labor and money.

Enjoy 100% yield with no waste, more accurate inventory control and a longer shelf life

Control Your Costs

Most chefs tend cut product heavier thus dramatically increasing food costs.

No waste

Each piece of meat is hand-cut to specification with all the product usable. All products can be custom cut to your special needs

Consistency in Sizing

Give customers the same plate appearance every time and standardize cooking times

Small Case Size

Depending on portion size, cases are packed 12 or 24 cuts per box. All product is individually sealed allowing you to offer more variety in your inventory and extend your shelf life.

Product Safety

At the USDA inspected plant a rigorous system is in place to manage food safety risks and provide safe products that is audited by a third party yearly to maintain its certification.  1909™ product maintains safety and integrity throughout the supply chain right to your door.

Paul Butcher WebDoes your staff have the skill?

Do you have someone on staff that butcher cuts as precisely as one of our master butchers. Paul has been butchering meat for over 30 years. The skill he has honed is an art. The speed and precision of butchers like him give us the premium quality we ask for you, you ask for and your customers demand.

Beef Cuts Available

Ordering Procedure

Check with your Ginsberg’s Foods sales consultant or customer service for which cuts are available on a daily basis. For next day items, please contact your sales consultant within cutoff time for guaranteed delivery. All products can be custom cut to your special needs. Minimum 21 day aged and 1/8″ to 1/4″ trim levels on cuts. Pack Sizes – 8 oz and up are packed 12 per case or 7 oz and down are packed 24 per case.