Catering Guidelines

Helpful Catering Tips

4 appetizer pieces per person before dinner or 5-7 pieces per person for a cocktail party is a safe guideline to follow.

Stock up on plenty of ice. You’ll need it for chilling bottles of wine or champagne as well as serving in drinks on the rocks. A good rule of thumb is plan to have 1-pound of ice per guest for drinks.

Two Hour Rule. Don’t leave perishable food un-refrigerated for more than two hours. Put out small portions of food at a time and replenishing as your party proceeds to prevent spoilage. Put perishable foods back in the cooler or refrigerator as soon as you finish eating.

When grilling, use a meat thermometer to be sure meats and poultry reach a safe temperature. Cook chicken breasts to 170°F; other poultry to 180°F; beef, lamb, and veal steaks and roasts to 145°F for medium-rare and 160°F for well done.