Cupcake War Results Announced for 2013

September 4, 2013 Cupcake War Results Update –  This year’s Cupcake War cooking contest at the Columbia County Fair held on September 2, 2013 was an overwhelming success with over 230 adult and youth entries. The theme “Country Fair” was highlighted in the eye-catching presentations. Cupcakes were judged on taste, originality, appearance, and use of at least one locally sourced ingredient. Creativity was the name of game with ingredients like: jalapenos, bacon, eggplant, raisins, fried pork belly fat, stuffing, sausage and potatoes incorporated into some of the winning recipes.

The Culinary Judges for the event included: John Griffin, a 1975 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America(CIA), working for Ginsberg; Scott Schwartz, instructor at the CIA; Brian Alberg, chef at the Red Lion Inn in West Stockbridge; Rachel Hunt, of Fiori in Great Barrington, Mass.; Josephine Proul, chef at Local 111; Michael Hughes, of Mother Earth’s Storehouse in Kingston; Megan Fells of the Artist’s Palate in Poughkeepsie; and Daire Rooney of Allium Kitchen in Great Barrington.

Those on hand were able to witness the Food Network crew filming Nancy Fuller Ginsberg. Follow Productions was directing operations for the Food Network’s crew filming a show featuring Nancy’s life and surroundings. The crew followed Nancy and her grandkids having fun on the rides, games and the cupcake contest at the Columbia County Fair. The show is tentatively set to be broadcast the first weekend in November, and will includes scenes filmed in the Hudson Valley and the Ginsberg household.

Over $2,000 through Morton A. Ginsberg Memorial Awards were divided among the the top finishers in each category. Cupcake categories consisted of Savory or Sweet and there were five classes of competition: Adult – Sweet; Adult – Savory; Youth – Sweet; Youth – Savory; Chef (professional).

Want to try another contest? Ginsberg’s is also sponsoring the Hudson Valley Bounty Chili Contest on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at the Henry Hudson Riverfront Park in Hudson, NY. To find out more visit Hudson Valley Bounty.

Cupcake War Results

  • Adult Sweet  

Cupcake War Results Adult Sweet1.Maggie Miller – Peanut Butter Cupcakes

2.Doris Cassar – County Fair Burger & Fries

3.Peggy Lauretti – Caramel apple Cupcakes

4.Mildred Dierkes – Pumpkin spice Cupcakes

5.Kristen Bordeaux – Cinnamon cake Cupcakes

6.Elizabeth Johnson – Turtle-icious Cupcakes

  • Adult Savory

Cupcake War Results Adult Savory1.Joshua Ives – Thanksgiving Cupcake

2.Marilee Sousie – Spice of Life Chili Chocolate Cupcakes

3.Laura DelGaudio – Maple Bacon French Roast Cupcakes

4.Carolyn Gregory – Eggplant Caviar Cupcakes

5.Rebecca Orozco – Taco Quequitos

6.Heather Markowski – 4H Potato Stand Cupcakes

  • Youth Sweet

Cupcake War Results Sweet Youth1.Dantes T. – Ants on a Stump Cupcakes

2.Julie K. – Peachy French Toast Bacon Cupcakes

3.Adam M. – Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

4.D’Aetagnan T. – Raspberry Lime Koolata Cupcake

5.Lila I. – Raspberry Lime Ricky Cupcakes

6.Bella R. – Vanilla & Honey Scented Cupcakes

  •  Youth Savory

Cupcake War Results Savory Youth1.Laurel I. – Taco Cupcakes

2.Emma S. – Beer & Pretzel Chocolate Cupcakes

3.Isabella L. – Cotton Candy Cupcakes

4.Isa L. – Pita Cups

5.Gaby N. – Maple Bacon Cupcakes

6.Lillian B. – Lemonicous Cupcakes

  • Chef

Cupcake War Results ChefErika Shook – Hog Heaven Cupcakes