Tips to Sustainability


The cost of a gallon of water is rising faster than the inflation rate. That means that your restaurant’s water bill is going to take a bigger bite of your restaurant’s budget each year. The way to keep your water costs down is easy.

  • Don’t use as much water. Some water-saving steps take little effort or expense. Others require a financial investment that often pays back over time.
  • You can even offset your restaurant’s water-conservation efforts with tax incentives, rebates and business credits that many national, state and local agencies offer
  • Click here to learn water conversation measures for commercial foodservice


Buildings are among the top energy users in the United States. In fact, the EPA reports that commercial buildings consume 36 percent of all energy and 65 percent of all the electricity used in the United States.

You use energy- nonrenewable energy, not just to cook the food but also to heat, cool and light the building, refrigerate meat and vegetables, power the computers and POS terminals, and so on.

Experts say that business can increase its net operating income by 5% with just a 30% decrease in their buildings energy consumption.

High-efficiency equipment will continue to save energy dollars years after the initial purchase. These calculators allow you to compare the total cost of operating different appliances over their useful service lives.

Click here for life cycle and energy cost calculators