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 Local 1909™ Heritage Farms

New York’s Hudson Valley Region and the surrounding valleys are filled with rich fertile soil farmed for generations. 1909™ Heritage Farms partners with these local farms for their quality of products and for their strict adherence to food safety guidelines.Local Harvest Chat

Local Farm Partner Profiles

Eger Bros

Bulich Mushroom – Started in 1943 and currently run by third generation brothers; Mike, Joe and Mark Bulich. Bulich Mushroom Farm is located in Catskill, New York

A. Gurda Farms

Yonder Farms

Kinderhook Creek Farms – Well known for the sweet corn, Kinderhook Creek Farm is located in Stephentown, NY and run by 3 generations of the Eckhardt family. Their local corn is available until the end of September.

Swaz Potato Farms – Family owned and operated since 1910 in Hatfield, Massachusetts. Fifteen family members through 3 generations currently operate the farm.

Story Farms

Hudson Valley Harvest Partnership

Additionally Local 1909 Heritage Farms partnership with Hudson Valley Harvest gives us access to their 50+ Hudson Valley only farms. Along with our LOCAL 1909 Heritage Farms label, the Hudson Valley Harvest transparency label includes: who grew it, where it was grown, ingredients, what processing has bee done (washing, chopping, frozen, etc) and miles it has traveled. Fresh or frozen produce, protein and shelf stable products are available from farms including Old Chatham Sheepherding, Ronnybrook Dairy, Campanelli’s Poultry and Hawthorne Valley Farm. Please contact our sales consultants for a current listing of Hudson Valley Harvest items.